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The Friday List is a curated list for inspired living. Here are some of the things we like…

YOGA! New research about the benefits of yoga and meditation is always fascinating.

FOOD! We love outstanding recipes…mostly vegetarian but always wholesome and good.

TRAVEL! Sometimes imagining yourself and learning about a new place is almost as amazing as being there. It is a big almost but imagination travel has real benefits.

MOUNTAINS! Our home is the at the base of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. A beautiful place to call home but it takes a special kind of fortitude to live well here. We love to find things from practical to absurd that highlight our love of high altitude life.

LAUGHTER! We strive to find at least one thing each week that will make you laugh out loud.

SOCIAL ACTION! We are yogis at heart, in our bodies and in our minds. Together we can do so much to create the world we want to live in. Seva is a founding and guiding principle of a dedicated practice and we offer you opportunities to engage near and far.


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Tadasana Mountain Yoga is a hometown community yoga studio located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.